Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010: I get it.

Hello Loved Ones,

I haven't been visiting you much here, and it's good to be back.

I'm inspired tonight to write out my list that I've been creating with the help of a little book published in 1926 called, simply, It Works. Follow this link to the SGR Network update page and scroll down to the section that reads "A holiday gift for you: 'It Works!'" and treat yourself to download and print the little ten page book.

This author is clearly a student of Mr. Wattles, and, if he's not, then they both are channeling the same information. It's delightful. And in this little book, the author helps distinctly in creating the clear mental image, which is something I've struggled with from time to time with SGR.

He recommends we write out a list daily (reading it three times per day) of what we want in the order in which we want it. He says to take things off the list and put them back on and move them around as suits you. It's great.

So here's my current list for 1/5/10:

I want
1. inner peace
2. absolute trust and faith
3. an enduring mutually adoring partner
4. a strong and healthy body
5. to be totally financially supported
6. $3500 or more cash incoming this month (Jan. 2010)
7. two new outfits to wear to work
8. two new bras!
9. $4500 or more cash incoming next month (Feb. 2010), increasing to a steady $6600 or more cash each month through 2010.
10. to write for the sake of writing.
11. a really relaxing spa vacation: 3-4 nights at a nice hotel with a great spa and spa services and good food and quiet sleeping conditions.
12. to be in the front row at the Patti Smith show on 2/20/10.
13. very comfortable place to stay in Chicago and mild weather for the Patti show.
14. a six week solo road trip in the U.S. stopping anywhere I want and doing anything I want.
15. to make Diamond calls from other countries.
16. to go to New Zealand in the fall of 2010.
17. to learn to solo on guitar.
18. to play in a band.
19. a Gibson SG faded electric guitar and amp.
20. to see beautiful mountains.
21. to be around really big trees.
22. to clean my floors.
23. to go back to India.
24. (this actually goes in at about #10) people to make food for me.

So I know there are details I still need to clarify and can keep tweaking the list, but I read somewhere a recommendation not to let one's self feel hungry, and I'm over-hungered with dinner on the stove, so I'm going to go eat.

Thanks for being here, Formless Substance, to receive from me. This is the year I GET IT.



p.s. add on to there To be fully gifted in the Diamond at least twice in 2010. Thanks! I love it!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Me in Five Years

Dear Friends,

This week on my Diamond call, we looked at where we see ourselves in five years, where we'd like to be. I took this as a good opportunity to create a Clear Mental Image. Following is what I wrote when I considered what I'd say about my life, ideally, five years from now. I have to admit, though, as far as any of the themes in the world of form in this message, who am I to say what's ideal?

I just read in The Power of Positive Thinking (a very SGR book) that an important part of prayer is to be open to God's will beyond our own. Mr. Wattles discusses this when he talks about the man who had a specific business venture planned that fell through at the last minute.

But he was not disappointed. On the contrary, he thanked God that his desire had been overruled, and went steadily on with a grateful mind.
- Chapter 16

(an amazing chapter, by the way, that's been blowing my mind
and answering my questions)

Still, I learned something - or clarified something - about myself and what my Clear Mental Image encompasses. Big thanks to my Diamond community for asking this question, for holding the space to have me create this vision, and for encouraging my writing and asking to read the vision.

So here you go. I love you.

Me, in Five Years

I love my life. I'm grateful for my amazing man who is my true partner on this journey. We laugh a lot.

I have enduring inner peace. It radiates and I am deeply comfortable, relaxed, healthy and guided.

I live a creative life playing music, writing, playing in various visual arts and sharing my creations.

We have a radio show from the road and I write articles for columns and books that are published effortlessly. That is, everything is in the flow.

I live totally by guidance. As does my man. We are guided to travel, create and also be still. We have a home-base in the [Texas] Hill Country and travel the U.S. in our - what else - Airstream. We also travel internationally, often to places we can surf.

We have easy relationships with our friends and families and are committed, always, to opening our hearts, above all else.

Financially we are always taken care of. We have learned to live in the Certain Way and trust the Formless Substance to take care of our every need and desire. We have been playing in the Diamond for five years now and it has been a huge financial and spiritual blessing and we've share it with many, many people in our life. It has contributed greatly to our freedom and we know that it arose for us out of transforming our consciousness and understanding our divinity.

We relish sharing this conversation through the Diamond and other venues.

We are happy with our lives in a very grounded and peaceful way and continue to train in practices like Vipassana which support us in equanimity and non-reaction. In this way we live in love more and more fully and less encumbered by worry or doubt.

We model such things from a quiet beingness and share our guides whenever asked.

Meanwhile we follow our hearts. At home we eat beautiful, wholesome foods and create our art. Our lives are filled with exercise, meditation, community, peace and music.

We have been shown that we exist fully in the arms of the Divine and we are 100% trusting.

Exponential love expands when we come around. It's very, very beautiful and ultimately peaceful. We are blessed.

Sat nam. Truth is [our] identity.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Everybody can have what they want . . . it's beautiful!

I saw tonight that everybody can have what they want. That I don't have to cling to something that I think I want when it's not really what I want. What I want is mutual love. Not to knock on the door of someone who's not aligned with me. I want what I want. He wants what he wants. And we can all have it!

I looked up an old fling on FB tonight and saw that he's in a relationship. Okay, to be honest, my stomach kinda flipped. It felt like an ego hit.

I'm grateful to my studies for training me to feel the hit. Open to it. And to realize that who I really am is not changed by such things. In fact that one can actually expand into her beingness from such blows to the ego. But we have to be willing to feel what it feels like to get that expansion.

But if I'm being honest, what I felt -- and the thoughts I thought -- were along the lines of, why couldn't he be in a relationship with me? How could they be in a relationship together? What was wrong with me? Why couldn't he love me? Wha? Wha? Wha?

Even though logically I knew we weren't a match. Did you see the condition of his bathroom?

Heh heh. How's that for justification trying to cover up disappointment?

I'm so tired right now I'm not writing eloquently or really expressing much or tying it into SGR, I don't think.

Here's a major declaration and entry into the Clear Mental Image that I distinguished today.

This is some major shit. We'll get back to it soon. Maybe tomorrow.

Big gratitude for the Universal support and for "Africa Unite" playing on my Pandora station.

I love you.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's thrilling and sweet and easy and natural.

There is a power which never fails to present opportunity to the advancing personality who is
moving in obedience to law. God cannot help helping you if you act in a certain way. He must do so in order to help himself.

Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich, Chapter 15

I read this chapter this morning in the bathtub before going to meet a friend for breakfast and then going to work. Just reading the words brightened my morning. There is such a vibration about this book. I'm grateful for it in my life.

I feel like going to work is such an opportunity for me to be in the vibration that Mr. Wattles teaches us about. The impression of increase. The advancing personality. It's a joy.

Today I was taking a walk when I got home from work on this gray, chilly December day in Austin, getting fresh air and trees and movement, and I was thinking some woeful thoughts but then reminded myself to say this: I have an amazing man in my life; and I'm so grateful. That's been my mantra lately, and I absolutely love it. I just FEEL good when I say it. It opens up so much room for any man who might naturally step into it, without pressure to any. I dig it!

Also today, I'd thought about posting on-line to see if any friends wanted to come by or meet at a cafe this evening to work so I could get support in doing Artist's Way homework. And then I forgot about it. So this evening I was home and a friend left me a phone message inviting me to go to a cafe in the neighborhood to work. Turned out she then suggested coming to my house -- where I then could hang out in my jammies -- AND she brought me a black bean and guac taco. I got my Artist's Way chapter read and did the exercises in the chapter AND balanced my checkbook. AND got to catch up with my friend.


It's all happening. It's thrilling and sweet and easy and natural. And I'm grateful. And I never quite know how things are going to show up.

Bring it on. I'm ready.

I humbly and gratefully and lovingly thank you,


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"If God be for us, who can be against us?"

I don't know what I'm doing. Surely there's something in Wattles that would soothe my mood, but I don't know if that's where I want to go. Do I need a snack? Maybe a piece of toast with almond butter on it.

I watched, yesterday, the Universe give me something that I'd specifically asked for: exposure to Rolling Stones music. And not only did I get exposed, but it was extraordinary music. I mean, really the tops. Funny thing was, I made it about the man whose record it was, rather than the general thanking of the Formless Substance.

When I think it's coming from a person, rather than from God, I get attached. And that perpetuates the ache.

I feel like a f-ing fool today. Please, Formless Substance, help me heal my heart and forgive this gentle being who means no harm and only love but who gets confused and driven . . . who knows her actions may not be the optimal or may not look good or may not be what someone else wants, but by God, in her eveahlovin way, they happen.

"If God be for us, who can be against us?"

And is not God always for us? Always? I mean, really. How can it be otherwise?

The toast will be good.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I don't know what this latest 30 day commitment really means.

But I can say that I had a sweet day today. I worked, and was pleased to find out that I have some hours scheduled for me later in the week. I told my co-worker, "Working is good for me right now."

I was grateful (and AM grateful) to be in a peaceful mood and to have been in a peaceful mood all day.

This evening, about an hour or so ago, I started feeling physically funky. Am I just tired? I hope so! I realized, though, that I was resisting the feeling. The way I noticed this is that I considered what Mr. Wattles teaches us: to see TRUTH, regardless of appearances. He says the truth is health.

And in considering that, I relaxed, and in relaxing, I realized I'd been gripping onto resisting not feeling well. Like pushing against it to push through it. Maybe it's just time for bed. Maybe it's just a message to quiet down and slow down and listen to my body.

I am to do, every day, all that can be done that day, but I'm not to rush. There's no hurry on the creative plane.

I did accomplish a lot today! And while I was at work, I held the visions of what I'm imaging: that money comes to me from expected and unexpected sources and arrives to me in the mail and in direct deposit to my mailbox; and that I have an amazing man in my life. It's sweet and fun.

And guess what! I went to my p.o. box today to pay rent on it for the next six months and in it was an unexpected check for $50! Cha-ching! Being rich IS awesome.

When I considered whether or not to park in the parking garage on this chilly, rainy day (rather than park a few blocks and across the highway away and walk), I realized the only thing that would stop me was some kind of lack mentality. And I remembered Mr. Wattles. The money I need will always be there.

And it always has been. And it is.

And I'm grateful.

Good night.



Sunday, November 29, 2009

How can something ever part from that which it is in its essence?

It's been a while since I've written, and I've missed it. The Certain Way brings such comfort, such relaxation, such spaciousness and such good cheer to my life.

This is the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. This weekend I was blessed to get away . . . no phone, no computer. Just nature, good friends - old and new, great food, and practicing receiving. I also took some time to get back into the little green book. And I'm grateful.

I do have some fears. AND I'm counting on Mr. Wattles and his coaching. So far so good, right? And I notice that when I'm steeped in the Certain Way, flow and brightness abound.

So I returned home today and have been enjoying my re-entry. Before I left on my trip I was feeling ungrounded, disconnected, anxious. I felt forsaken, if I may admit. I had to have many a conversation with the Lord, imploring to feel the connection again. Scary! But I'm back.

As if we ever could lose it, really. We just go to sleep. It never leaves us. The connection never leaves us. The Formless Substance. The Thinking Stuff. God. How can something ever part from that which it is in its essence?

But the mind. The mind is so convincing.

ANYWAY, here I sit, comfortable in my home. Beautiful music playing. Warm blanket on my lap. Feet up on foot stool. Grateful to be writing. Where I was going with this is . . .

I returned home today and I read Chapter 12, Efficient Action, gratefully.

I've discussed this topic here before. Let's read some of Mr. Wattles' words:

The matter turns, then, on the question of whether you can make each separate act a success. And, this you can certainly do.

You can make each act a success, because the Infinite is working with you, and the Infinite cannot fail.

The Supreme Power is at your service. To make each act efficient you have only to put your own power into it.

What a joy and what a relief to read those words. Sometimes when I read about being efficient and about making each act a success, an old voice comes in to tell me I'm not doing it right, or I'm not working hard enough or some other reason that I'm failing. And yet, here is our fearless leader reminding me: I can. Because the Infinite is working with me, and the Infinite cannot fail.

In fact, I AM that.

The conversation reminds us that we are to do today's work well; not worrying about yesterday's or tomorrow's.

I interpret all of this to mean that THIS MOMENT is the most important and is all there is. And in order to make each act efficient, all we need do is to be very present with each act. Feel my fingers on the computer key board. Chew and taste my food. Feel my feet on the floor and be present to the warmth and texture of the water as I'm washing a dish. Notice my breathing. Know that this is how I am aligned with the Infinite. This is how I allow the power of the Infinite to come through me.

It is there, and it is love, and it wants to play. It wants peace and gentleness. It IS peace and gentleness. All we need to is chill out and allow that to be. Allow our true nature to be.

There's nothing we need to work for. We simply need to do what's right in front of us. All the while, says Mr. W., holding with faith and purpose our vision.

I love this, too:

If you wish speedy results, spend practically all your spare time in this practice. By continuous contemplation you will get the picture of what you want firmly fixed upon your mind and completely transferred to the mind of the formless substance. Then, in your working hours, you need only to mentally refer to the picture to stimulate your faith and purpose and to put forth your best effort. Contemplate your picture in your leisure hours until your consciousness is so full of it that you can grasp it instantly. (Here comes the part I dig:) You will become so enthusiastic about its bright promises that the mere thought of it will call forth the strongest energies of your whole being.

I spent some time really deeply allowing myself such imaging this weekend, and felt in absolute glee. So I can see the benefit of spending time in such contemplation, and I also see the importance of getting the details down, of really getting into the world and vibe of it. I mean, really, it's just fun. And then calling forth that vision in the moment of working makes that moment even more yummy. It reminds us, then, to live in the Certain Way, to work presently and to allow the Infinite to drive, and to have a fun time while at it! The Universe wants to give us what we want, because we are it! We want what we want!

Okay, I'm going to get ready for bed now, and I say, thank you.

I thank you for so much more than I could possibly wrap my mind around, and I thank you for this venue to write and for the coming back to it. I've missed you! Let's do another 30. That'll take us right up to 2010!!!!

All love,